Volunteers are at the heart of what Care INC does in connecting area churches to people in need.  Sometimes funds or food or clothes are the extent of a need.  But we seek to be aware of needs that go beyond what we see on the surface.  Care INC is also about sharing God’s love by mobilizing the talents and time of the people in our congregations as they connect with needs in the community.

Volunteers Needed:


What do we mean by mentoring?

Mentoring can be different things in different situations.  What we are looking for in mentors are people who can act as sounding boards, information resources, and friends who strive to help individuals reach their goals.

Mentoring is a beneficial learning situation where the mentor shares knowledge and experience and helps problem-solve with a low-pressure, self-discovery and self-paced approach.  Goals and scheduling are flexibly set by the mentor and client to fit their schedules.

What skills are you looking for?

  • Financial Management: goal setting, long range financial planning, balancing a checkbook, developing a budget
  • Organizational Skills: prioritization, time management
  • Career: job searching, resume writing, interview skills, career planning

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to already know everything to help someone out.  Part of the process is working with the person being mentored to get the help they need.  You will have access to the Care INC network of resources and the other mentors if you run into a situation where you need advice or more information.

How do I get started?

Contact our Intake Coordinator: careincfdl@gmail.com and ask for an application.  We require references and will conduct a basic background check .

How does the mentoring process work?

Once approved, we’ll match your skill sets with people needing those skills.  We provide periodic training about the mentoring process and related issues.

Care INC matches mentors with individuals based on interests, needs and goals.  Mentors work one-to-one with those needing assistance.  Unless you are working with a partner, we match mentors and individuals according to gender.  Mentors are able to decide which opportunities best suit their skills and experiences and fit their schedules.  That means that just because you are on our mentoring list, it doesn’t mean you have to say ‘yes’ to every request that comes in.  This is one reason we are looking for a large pool of mentors to draw from.

The referring partner agency receives update reports indicating progress made toward goals.  The agencies use this information to determine further support that may be needed or provided.

Where do we meet with people?

Care INC recommends meeting in a public place which offers some degree of privacy at the same time.  Care INC also has meeting space available at the Solutions Center office on Sophia St which can be worked out through the Care INC intake coordinator.

How long would I be working with a person?

Typically, we are looking at short-term commitments.  It could be as brief a commitment as a one-time meeting to accomplish a specific task like writing or updating a resume, or multiple meetings over a series of months to walk with someone as they get their finances sorted out.

Typically, it will be clear when the time for needing a mentor is ending – the goals have been met or revised along the way, and both the mentor and client agree that the purpose has been met.  In other situations, the mentor, the client or Care INC may recommend ending the mentoring process or switching mentors, depending on whether the client is engaged in the process or whether progress is being made.