About Care INC

The love of Christ impels us – 2 Corinthians 5:14

What is Care INC? 

Care INC (Care In the Name of Christ) is a collaborative project uniting churches and agencies in the greater Fond du Lac area to more effectively assist those in need.

Our mission: To share and embody God’s love in Christ through transforming lives

Core Values

  • Witness to God’s love as Christian communities working together
  • Utilize the gifts and talents of the Christian Community (Individuals and Churches)in assisting those in need.
  • Empower and assist people in meeting their own needs
  • Invite people to a closer walk with God
  • Deepen our skills and abilities to serve those in need (training and reflection)

What do we do?

Care INC offers two primary services to the community:

Resource Connections:
– we direct clients to local resources that can help meet their needs

– we connect clients to mentors who can help with Finances, Employment and Education

Care INC also provides support to partner churches

  • By connecting the skills and resources of the people in our congregations with needs in the community
  • By working to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of our community outreach by avoiding duplication and competition among resource providers
  • By working to identify and address needs that are unmet by current ministries and agencies, and working collaboratively to meet them, to the extent we can.
  • By providing methods for churches and agencies to share information on the ways we are assisting in the community.

Who is Care INC?

Care INC is supported by many volunteers; from our Intake Coordinator to our mentoring network, to our church representatives as well as those from local agencies.  

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